Thursday, September 4, 2014

Eating Greasy Pizza!!

This week was a really long week for us here in Mangomarca. To start off the week we ate hamburgers with Marcos again and then played Monopoly. It was super sweet! It was a good day and the sun came out so that was nice! On Tuesday it rained and was cloudy and nobody wanted to leave their house or listen to us. When we got back to the apartment my companion discovered that his bed was soaked haha. it was funny for me. It was cold too which was no fun. He got things figured out and we slept okay. On Wednesday we had a guy come to check out our roof, the same guy that fixed it last week haha. He determined after messing with it for a while that he needed to replace it. They messed around with it and made it leak super bad. Wednesday was about the same with lessons. It was bad. We got home anyway that night and because our roof was leaking so bad, we couldn't sleep in our room so we moved a mattress into Elder Netzley's room but the floor only had room for one mattress... Elder Horo and I had to sleep in the same bed on a twin mattress.... That is breaking the mission rules I know but we had no other choice. It was the worst night ever. Thursday we had divisions and it was a long day. It sprinkled all day and was cold and I was with Elder Jacome, who is really weird, (he is Elder Netzley's companion) but it was a good day. On Friday we found a new apartment that we can move into and once again had very few lessons. On Saturday we kept searching for apartments but went back to the one we found on Friday. It's really nice! So hopefully the zone leaders approve it. On Friday we had a baptism for Ysela Caballero!! She is awesome!! A True Convert! Saturday we had an English class in the church! That was cool! We had some investigators come. Jaime Zavala and her family! If you want you could pray that they can progress! They are some good people! Sunday was long but good. Our lunch with a member was steak and french fries and rice pudding and fried banana and rice of course! Oh man it was really good! Also on Friday I lost my USB with my Mormon Messages on it... That is sad. Really sad. It cost 40 soles or about 15 bucks... Now I have to buy another one. Oh well. At least I had my pictures backed up. Hopefully this week we can move to our new apartment because I'm tired of sharing a bed with my companion.

Thanks for everything! Love you all! I've been studying about the tree of life this week!! It is the best! There is so much in this vision that we can apply to our lives! It's amazing! This week we get to go the the Temple as well so that will be awesome! Thank you all! 

Love Elder Jones