Friday, January 31, 2014

Elder Jones, Companions, and  Members

Another P-day in the CCM

Elder Jones Learns About How Other People Live

Hey! We have like zero time to write here, but we do get a little English out of our teachers. We go to the temple every Tuesday. The food is good but tastes so much different than American food. I love the Granadillas. The CCM is Centro Capactacion Misional or something like that. I miss the cold. We went tracting on Saturday in Lima North. We went to the houses on the hill and they are so poor. We went to one ladies house, Hermana Florencia, and she seriously had 3 chairs, a sheet of 4x8 dimond plate, a bunch of junk and garbage and a roof only half of her house. there were flies everywhere and obviously only a dirt floor. I cant even describe it. Lima is a crazy place. Im learning about the gift of tounges though because when we went prosilitizing we went with some less active guys our age (I had a latino companion Elder Quipo who was the bomb!!!) and one of the less actives was my gift of toungs because he spoke a little english and told me what was going on in the lessons. We went to another home and there were some cute little boys and I loved them!!! I could talk to them and they could talk to me because it was simple Spanish!! It's hard work being a missionary, sitting down all day, being with someone 24/7 but it's all worth it. I love you all!! Keep up the good work! I'm running out of time... I miss the snow and cold because its like 90 degrees here right now and humid haha. Spanish is coming along too! Love you!
Love Elder Jones

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A little information from Elder Jones

I haven't placed any books but 3 pamphlets. I'm in the MTC so I don't get to teach lessons. We did go out for a half day Saturday and taught some less actives members. Peru is crazy. There is lots of dogs. People are everywhere and the traffic is scary. I've only seen dogs, gross dogs. It's hot and the rivers are brown and polluted. The people are amazing though!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

First P Day In Lima Peru

One comp is From AZ and one is from SLC. Elder sitton is from AZ. Also it is super super hot and really really humid. Picture Florida.... haha, it's so much fun here. We work all day long except for the hour we play sports (usually soccer) and it's really is fun. We have a district of all gringos and they are awesome. Most of our lessons and teaching is in Spanish but if you have the Spirit and are really trying you can pretty much understand everything. I can pray and testify in Spanish and have a little conversation with latinos. There are so many latinos here and we have a blast with them. I love them so much. We pretty much do little skits and plays when ever we talk to each other to get our message across. I also love singing in Spanish!! Pday is Tuesday. Today we went to the temple (which is in my mission!!!) and the traffic here is so so crazy. I could have died like 10 times, haha, not really but its so awesome. We rode the bus and of course it was packed with so many people. Also my mission is probably like 25 miles long... all city haha. I'm excited. We went to distribution center and a store across from the temple (we call it the temple store) and bought some gospel stuff. Then we went to 2 markets and bought some stuff like watches, coke, doritos, and some tiny laundry bags. In my district we have Elder Sitton who is super awesome. He is our District Leader and we have like 8 hermanas. The food is really weird... but good most of the time. The juice is really weird. There is this one fruit that is called a Grandadilla. It is like a hard orange shell and like fish eggs on the inside. It's almost like a gooey pomegranate. They are really good. You just crack them open and suck out the contents. Seeds and all. I don't have a lot of people writing me... haha but its all cool. It will keep me concentrated on the Lords work. Anyways it's fun here and all is well. Love you all

Gringos in the CCM

Elder Jones and Comps.

Elder Jones with comp. having a HUGE dinner

Shopping Trip

Looking out from the CCM

Elder Jones' First Email!!!! :)

Well I'm definitely not in America anymore! We got to the CCM at like 3:30. I didn't get much sleep. My companions are Elder Holcomb and somebody else haha. it is very hot and humid here and way awesome. We drove through Lima and the CCM is in La Molina. The CCM is super super nice. It's like way nicer than the Provo one probably. We got to sleep in till 8 but that doesn't mean I got any sleep. I'm probably running on like 3 hours in the past two days haha. I sat by a Peruvian lady on the plane and brushed up on some Spanish. There were about 15 of us that flew from Atlanta and I'm the only one going to the Lima East from our crew. Thanks Love You!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Elder Jones's Mailing Information

Elder Jones's Mailing Information
The mission office mailing address is


For Letters only (Mission Office)- Elder Brent Louis Jones
                                                         Perú Lima East Mission
                                                         Calle los Agrólogos 368
                                                         Urbanización Las Acacias De Monterrico
                                                         La Molina
                                                         Lima 12

For Packages Only (Mission Office)- Brent Louis Jones
                                                              Perú Lima East Mission
                                                              Calle Los Agólogos 368
                                                              Urbanización Las Acacias De Monterrico
                                                              La Molina, Lima 12

Mailing In The Pouch- Contact Bonnie Jones at 307-386-2419 to learn more on mailing through the pouch. 
Only postcards or one-page correspondences (no envelopes) written on one side of the page may be sent through the pouch. Notebook or other light-weight paper will not process through the USPS machines. Photographs are not acceptable. Stamps will not be provided at Church headquarters. Letters without postage will be returned to the sender or discarded if a sufficient return address is not included. Letters should be addressed will a complete U.S. address. 
Letter Folding Instructions: Lay the letter blank side down. Fold the bottom of the letter about one-third of the way up the page and crease. Fold the top of the letter to the bottom of the first crease. Secure the long side with two pieces of tape about one inch in from each end, but do not seal the ends. In the top left corner write you name and complete return address. Affix first class postage in the top right corner. in the middle write the missionary address as follows:  
                                                     Elder Brent Louis Jones
                                                     Perú Lima East Mission
                                                     POB 30150
                                                     Salt Lake City UT 84130-0150