Friday, August 29, 2014

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This week was a good week for me! I really enjoyed it! To start off the week we didn't have PDay like normal because we went to the Temple on Thursday. On Monday we just had lessons like normal! It was good. We didn't have a ton of lessons but it was a good day. On Tuesday we had our district meeting and then the zone leaders came to our area to check out the apartments we were looking at. We went to the one we wanted first because it was brad new and super pretty but they said we couldn't have it so we went to the other one that we had never seen ourselves. It looked like crap... It was so sad looking on the inside. The lady had not moved out yet and the place was trashed. The walls were just full of drawings from kids and it stunk but the zone leaders loved it haha so that's one we got! haha I was a little ticked off because I did not want to live there. Anyways we went about our work and had a couple lessons to finish off the day. On Wednesday we went to the Zone leaders area to help them move. They have a huge apartment they moved into. We helped them carry lots of boxes. They had a on of stuff. It was a lot of work to carry all their stuff like 2.5 blocks. It was good though. On Thursday we got to go to the Temple!!!! It was the best. Our zone leaders were really worried about us not getting there on time so we left at 8, waited for them until 9.... and then got to the temple about 9:30. Our session did not start until 12:45.... haha but we got to spend some time talking to President Boswell and his wife. We got done with our session about 3:30 and the Temple cafeteria was closed so we went to Totus, which is like a Walmart, and bought a pizza that was terrible and some fries and Chicha Morado which was delicious. Chicha Morado is the purple corn drink! We made it back to our area about 6:30 and had one lesson. On Friday we had a pretty good day! We had 5 lessons! It was awesome! Saturday was a crazy day though! We woke up and moved all our stuff out of our rooms so we could take it to our new apartment. We ate and then went to our new apartment to move the lady out so we could paint and move in. Man it was a lot of work. We had a member helping us and 4 other missionaries besides us 4. Anyways we got her moved out and then while some were painting we moved most of our stuff over and put it outside. (I just want you to imagine what it must look like to see 4 missionaries carrying mattresses, suitcases, boxes, drawers full of clothes, ect. down main street) haha it was awesome! Anyways we got the room painted and cleaned and our things moved in by about 3:30 in the afternoon... and then we ate lunch and started our fast! Now that we have everything cleaned up and painted (if you could call it painted) I really love our new apartment! The best part is that the roof doesn't leak and we all get our own bed! How lovely! and we have hot water! It's the best! Sunday was good as well. We ate lots of food and had one lesson haha.

I finally finished my study about the Tree of Life vision this week! There is so much stuff to study there! My testimony is growing so much! I'm not sure if my Spanish is any better yet all I know is that it's not very good. We have 3 people with baptisimal dates! That's awesome! I can see our investigators changing and feeling the spirit in every lesson! It's the best feeling see the change and come to church! We are working with one family and one lady named Yeimi Zavala! She is so awesome and she can accept a baptism date here soon! We also have this one kid who is 12 who is super awesome! His dad contacted us in the street when we were passing his house one day and his dad used to go to church but then moved and never got baptized. Now his son, Luis, is ready! Man he is so prepared. His dad gave him a Gospel Principles book and he had been reading it before we started visiting him! He knew everything basically about the Resurrection and about a ton of stuff, and he is only 12. When we teach him I forget so easily that he is 12 because he understands everything so well! We teach him like he was a 20 year old guy! Man!! It's the best!

Well, I Love You All!!! Keep up the good work! Love you! Always pray, read and have FHE!

Elder Jones
Wow. So this week was fun... haha not really but not terrible! This week on Monday we went to Grau, which is a place in Lima where you can buy things like clothes and about anything else you want for quite a bit cheaper. Last week I think I mentioned that I lost my USB so while we were at Grau I bought 2 more because they were cheap. That cost me some money but it was worth it. After Grau we came back to Campoy, our zone, and then went back to our apartment. My companion wanted to play Monopoly and it was just the 2 of us. That was lame, really lame and that lame experience started off the long week. Tuesday we had a district meeting, which was cool! We had a Spanish class! Then we had our lessons! Wednesday was good as well! I mean, considering that the whole week my companion was in a terrible mood and didn't want to do anything. Thursday we had service in the morning and that was Awesome. We cleaned a roof off for a member. Friday was good as well. Not a whole lot to report on and Saturday was good! Sunday was good as well. This week we had quite a few lessons which was super nice! We had more this week than any other week this transfer! It was a hard week and I'm slowly loosing my good spirit but tomorrow we have CAMBIOS. Hopefully I get to stay here because right now we have 4 people with baptismal dates and we have 3 more that are getting closer to accepting a date! We will see what happens. I could leave or stay but I'm pretty sure that either way I'm going to be getting a new companion. This week I worked on writing letters to those who have written me! Hopefully in the coming weeks I can send them!

This week I had a cold and I passed it onto my companion who said last week that he never gets sick haha. He now has the cold and I'm almost done with it! I don't have a whole lot left to report. Oh, my companion found my lost USB in his bag! I must have put in there by accident, oops! Now I have 4 USBs haha!

Hopefully this week goes better for me wherever and whoever I may be with! Keep safe in all your travels! Keep reading your scriptures! Keep praying! Keep having FHE! I love you all!! Thanks for all you do! Keep up the good work!

Love Elder Jones

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Elder Jones and Elder Netzley; friends since childhood, meet up on Mission! 

Elder Jones overlooking the city of Lima

Dinner at a Member's 

Hey!! Well this was about the crazies week of my whole mission!! It was really intense and we received a lot of blessings!!
Alright, so I'm going to start on Monday! So Monday we went as a zone to play soccer again! We played against another zone and it was a blast! My companion, Elder Horo, was in a really bad mood and he just pouted all day, he wouldn't even eat lunch... It was fun for me though! 
On Tuesday, we had a district meeting like normal because cambios or transfers got moved to Wednesdday. My companion was in a super bad mood again and Elder Netzley taught a good lesson about how our attitude brings the spirit! Tuesday afternoon we found out what the cambios were and from that moment on Elder Horo was happy! He went to a dust bowl haha. Tuesday is when things started going crazy for me! Tuesday was when I found out I was training and not only training but I was training a Gringo! haha talk about crazy for me, who doesn't know Spanish very well yet to be training a Gringo! Wow. 
So on Wednesday morning we went to La Molina early so that we could get there to have the training for all the new missionaries! My new companion is named Elder Anderson and is from Centerville Utah. He is such a good missionary just that so far he doesn't know very much Spanish haha.
Man I was not expecting to train a Gringo but so far it's been an awesome experience! I'm starting to realize how far I have come in the past 7 months! 
I'm trying to compare myself to him and trying to decide if I knew more Spanish or less but I know either way I was in his shoes not long ago. This week with Elder Anderson has helped me remember my first week in the mission and remember all of the problems and trials I had. As of right now I don't know if he knows more Spanish than I did or not but I know that I have been blessed with the gift of tongues to come as far as I have in such a short time. So Wednesday we had our training and then made it back to the area about 5:30 to start working. We were only able to have one lesson after the training but it was good. On Thursday we had a few lessons and a recent convert, named Marcos, go with us so he helped me teach a little bit in the lessons while Elder Anderson suffered trying to understand what was going on. I felt so bad for him... It's rough trying to understand. Friday we had some lessons as well and we got a new investigator! That was awesome! Saturday we had 4 lessons and I am seeing the progress in Elder Anderson everyday! He is starting to help teach the lessons a little bit and he is starting to understand little by little!! Sunday was a crazy crazy day!! We got 4 references and it seemed like every member in the church wanted to say something to us about the people we were teaching! It was awesome! Elder Anderson suffered through that because of course he had no clue what was going on! We were super blessed Sunday because we were able to have 4 lessons, receive 4 references, and we taught with the spirit a ton in our lessons! The one thing I love about having a new companion is that he has such a spirit about him! He can't really say much in the lessons but he can testify of the truth and this is most important! This week both he and I have been super humbled and we are relying lots on the help of the Lord and this makes our lessons super special! I have noticed a little bit of pride in my past companions and Elder Anderson does not have this pride about him so we are able to haves some really powerful moments! I love it!
Thank You for all your support! Love you all! Keep praying for me because what I'm doing here isn't easy! I don't feel qualified to train but I know the Lord must trust me enough to fulfill this task so I'm going to do my best! I know that any prayers I can get will help me that much more! Thank You!! Love You! Always pray! Always read the scriptures! Have FHE! You know the drill! Good luck this week! Love You!!!
Love Elder Jones