Friday, August 29, 2014

Wow. So this week was fun... haha not really but not terrible! This week on Monday we went to Grau, which is a place in Lima where you can buy things like clothes and about anything else you want for quite a bit cheaper. Last week I think I mentioned that I lost my USB so while we were at Grau I bought 2 more because they were cheap. That cost me some money but it was worth it. After Grau we came back to Campoy, our zone, and then went back to our apartment. My companion wanted to play Monopoly and it was just the 2 of us. That was lame, really lame and that lame experience started off the long week. Tuesday we had a district meeting, which was cool! We had a Spanish class! Then we had our lessons! Wednesday was good as well! I mean, considering that the whole week my companion was in a terrible mood and didn't want to do anything. Thursday we had service in the morning and that was Awesome. We cleaned a roof off for a member. Friday was good as well. Not a whole lot to report on and Saturday was good! Sunday was good as well. This week we had quite a few lessons which was super nice! We had more this week than any other week this transfer! It was a hard week and I'm slowly loosing my good spirit but tomorrow we have CAMBIOS. Hopefully I get to stay here because right now we have 4 people with baptismal dates and we have 3 more that are getting closer to accepting a date! We will see what happens. I could leave or stay but I'm pretty sure that either way I'm going to be getting a new companion. This week I worked on writing letters to those who have written me! Hopefully in the coming weeks I can send them!

This week I had a cold and I passed it onto my companion who said last week that he never gets sick haha. He now has the cold and I'm almost done with it! I don't have a whole lot left to report. Oh, my companion found my lost USB in his bag! I must have put in there by accident, oops! Now I have 4 USBs haha!

Hopefully this week goes better for me wherever and whoever I may be with! Keep safe in all your travels! Keep reading your scriptures! Keep praying! Keep having FHE! I love you all!! Thanks for all you do! Keep up the good work!

Love Elder Jones

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