Monday, July 14, 2014

This week was really good for me! On Monday, we had Pday as a zone and we played soccer and watched a movie! I was super sore all week from playing soccer on Monday... haha, that goes to show how out of shape I am...  On Tuesday we had a pretty regular day. It was easier to get along with my companion this week, I was less frustrated with him anyways. On Wednesday we did some service for a less active who has a broken foot. We, along with another member, took her to a store that is surprisingly very very similar to Lowes or Home Depot to buy some things for her apartment. Then we just had some lessons and what not. Nothing super exciting.
On Thursday we had an AWESOME Zone Meeting!! It was about the Atonement of Jesus Christ! The zone leaders did a demonstration that would take me a long time to explain. It was super spiritual and helped each one of us understand the Atonement better and helped us understand how to apply the Atonement more in our lives! In this activity I represented Jesus Christ and I had to do lots of push ups for the sins of the zone! That was cool! Seriously it was a really good activity and I learned a lot through the Spirit. After the meeting I started feeling sick. Anyways, we went out and worked like normal until about 5:30 when I couldn't any longer and we rested the rest of the day. It was a little weird to rest since it was the first time I had to come in early on the mission. I feel better now though! Friday was a fun day! We stayed really busy in the evening because we had the young men's president to work with us. We visited various families and found like 3 new investigators in a less active family who wants to come back to church and her kids to come to church too!! The thing is is that they did come to church yesterday!!! and they Loved it! On Saturday we painted the old room of the missionaries here before us. That took a lot of time. Then we had a baptism for an 8 year old girl, the daughter of one of our investigators and a Part Family...her dad is a member. Then we had 0 lessons after the baptism... Sunday was fast Sunday and it was good! We ate at about 3:00 and we almost died. Then we had a lesson with a reference! We found 3 new investigators there too! This week was good! Better than most. Goes to show that for us to know the good we need to experience the bad. Just like to know the sweet we need to experience the bitter and trust me, I have experienced plenty bitter here on the mission but the sweet always out weighs the bitter!

I'm a little short on time so I love you all!! Keep working hard!
Love you!!! Keep up the good work!!! This week we have a lunch with President Boswell, our new President. Rumor...or what the zone leader secretly told me sis that we get PIZZA!! A HALF PIZZA EACH!! We will see what happens!! I never get to high of hopes her in Peru... Love you! Read, Pray, have FHE, go to Church and go to the Temple!!!
Elder Jones

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