Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Elder Jones Shares Some Difficulties

The MTC has a ton of rules. Mostly stupid rules too. Like you cant sit in the soft rolling chairs in the class rooms, you have to sit in the desks. You can't chew gum, haha. You can't leave your class room until 9:30 on the dot, haha. It's definitely not what I'm used to but my companion is a strict letter of the law kinda guy so I'm super obedient as well. Make sure you enjoy the small things at home like the cold and being able to do things for yourself. It's seriously a luxury. 6 weeks of the CCM can definitely drive a man insane but I'm half way there!! We go shopping ever Tuesday and the markets are really cool!! There is one called Garjae and each little boot has like a garage door. Everything is packed in down here. The people are really great though. I think that they will be very easy to teach. When you read in the Book Of Mormon, at least in first Nephi, you can notice how it talks about he Gentiles bringing the gospel to the Lamanites in the latter days. That's exactly what I'm doing here and that's exactly what mom did. missionary work is amazing. Spainish is tough and I get tired of talking it sometimes. It's going to be nice when I get out into the field and can actually eat a snack when I want and have a little bit more freedom.
Elder Jones

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