Wednesday, February 12, 2014

There are probably like 70 or 80 missionaries here and every 2 weeks, on Tuesday, we have Latinos and gringos leave and new ones come in on Thursday. There are roughly 30 gringos here and that's it right now. We get 2 days to ourselves. The gringos get Tuesday as their PDay and the Latinos split Wednesday and Thursday. I do not need anything special. I can pretty much buy whatever I want here and it's about the same price as the U.S. except the candy is a little more expensive. Nothing really has changed this week. We have class everyday but we went tracting on Saturday in Lima North again. My companion was Elder Ullua from Argentina. He spoke perfect English so it was not a problem at all. He was really cool and we had some good times together. My favorite Latino from this group was Elder Quispe. he was so Awesome poor really poor but amazing. he was from Cuzco and he age bugs and told us lots of stories. He knew some common phrases in English but we could communicate with him really well. When we went tracting this time I knew pretty much what everybody was saying but I couldn't say much other than introducing us and bearing my testimony. It was really cool. So far I have not met anybody else going to Lima East haha. I've been spending probably too much but the stuff here is really cool. I've bought a watch, lots of snacks, 6ties... I sent 2 home! I bought 2 today from our teacher who is starting a tie business and then 2 from the temple store. I've bought a Peruvian bag, a hymn book and case. A journal, some Spanish scriptures. ect. I gave my watch to Elder Quispe though because his was broke and he wanted to buy mine from me. I paid 20 soles for it which is about 7 bucks so I just gave it to him. He was so so grateful. The temple has been closed for 2 weeks for cleaning so we've only shopped.

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