Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Half Way Through The CCM

This week was a really good week here in the CCM. Not a whole lot has changed since I talked to you last because we pretty much just sit in class all day long and do gospel stuff but PDays are always interesting. We didn't go tracting this week and that made Saturday drag on. Sundays are always very nice here. We get to watch a devotional by one of the Apostles and it's always super up lifting. I'm glad things are going really well at home. It's super weird to think about Ken being home. I really want to see him since he'll probably be married before I get home. I'm glad I took Spanish in High School because it seriously helps a ton. The houses down here are pretty sad but in my mission they are not nearly as bad.
Things that happened to me this week: we had homemade pizza. Kinda weird but good. We had homemade hamburgers, weird but good. We got a new teacher for our afternoon classes, Hermano Huieto, or something like that. He is strict and doesn't know English. Every 3 weeks we get a new DL(District Leader) and Elder Pond became the DL. It's super good for him because now the has to work harder and obey more rules, haha. I miss good beef and pork. We, as a district, have sang a coulpe musical numbers and we are pretty dang good! We have a hermana in our district who is a pro at playing the piano and some really good singers. The lations are terrible singers and I feel so bad for them when they sing. They are cool though. They all want to learn English so bad, but can't pronounce anything. Here is an example... Elder Panta A..ate B..beat D..deet and so on haha. Everything sounds rough, haha. There is a latino here named Elder Soria and he can speak English really well. It's funny, he tells me the music he likes and it's like Farmers Daughter and stuff like that. They all watch U.S. movies and listen to U.S. music.

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