Monday, March 10, 2014

Elder Jones' Birthday

Today is nuts!! I don't even know if I have an hour to write!! I got up at 5:30 and did my laundry and took a shower because breakfast was at 6:15 and then we went to the temple at 6:40 and then we had like an hour to shop so Elder Sitton and I took 3 Hermanas to the grocery store and one of the ATMs ate Hermana Smiths card so we had to go to the bank and the machine shredded the card. I feel so bad for her. Then we rode the bus back and got back on time though. Then I changed out of my sweaty suit and snarfed down some food and the lunch ladies gave me a little cup cake!! I also got 2 ice cream cones!! I am so stuffed. That was all about 10 minutes ago. At 1:00 we have to go to immigrations and do something... they seriously stink at planning around this place. It's been a mess. We got a new President at the CCM like 4 weeks ago and he doesn't know what's going on and so Elder Sitton and I have been trying to help him figure things out. It's funny though since we're zone leaders, we are in charge of a bunch of stuff like devotionals but there is a set of Latino zone leaders as well who don't know a thing so the President tells us one thing to do and then we do it and then the other zone leaders think they're supposed to do it so then it gets all mixed up. Haha, I'm pretty sure the secretary hates elder Sitton and I because every time we go to her office, something got miscommunicated and we take the brunt of it. It's tough because the Pres. doesn't speak English or not much anyway and his wife does so there is like a chain from us to the secretary to the Pres. or through his wife. It's so crazy. I'm excited to get out of here in a week!! I can't speak Spanish but I can get my ideas across most of the time but this place is just getting old. The new gringos are sick of it as well and yesterday was their first day haha. Elder Sitton and I get to know quite a few people because we go and introduce ourselves to them and answer a bunch of their questions. It's fun! There is one girl from Smithfield who knows Shayla but I have no idea what her name is. I haven't taken any pictures this week but I'll take a pic. of my list of all the people here at the CCM and send it to you sometime. There are like 12 Elders and like 30 Hermanas..gringos.This is one of the crazies birthdays I've had!! Oh Yeah!, I gave one of the Hermanas a blessing the other night and afterwards she told me that I said a line in her Patriarticle Blessing!! That was super awesome and spirtual. I'm so excited to get out of here!! Next time I write you I'll be somewhere else haha but I don't know where! Thanks!! Love You!

Elder Jones

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