Friday, March 14, 2014

A Better Week

This week was so much better!! Last week was like the hardest least fun week of my life but this week was honestly no bad at all!! Getting a Pday was super nice and I definitely needed one! I thought a lot less of home this week and that made it easier because home is seriously the most awesome place in the world but everyday I get more and more used to this place. Latino companions are rough as well and I'm sure you can testify of that too. Last Monday we went to a members house with the other Elders in our district and ate lasagna and it was so so good! I fell asleep on their couch waiting for them to finish preparing the food and that was nice. When I'm at members houses I feel more at home too because they are generally a little cleaner and way more friendly and love the missionaries. On Tuesday we taught some people but I can't remember who at the moment and same for Wednesday and Thursday. We have a little group of investigators we have been teaching but it would take too much time to remember all their names and write them .On Friday Elder Martinez, (Ever is his first name haha and he is in the other companionship in the Pierola ward and lives in our apartment too) anyways, we got to go to Lima to Immigrations! We had to get up a 4 and shower so we could make it too La Molina by 6:15 but we got up and the shower barely had a little trickle of water and the heater wasn't working either so we kind of had showers. Then we went to Lima and when we got to immigrations, I saw a few gringos from the CCM, my Comp. Elder Sitton and 2 hermanas. They were looking so rough! They were like depressed and hating life haha. I was doing pretty well but they weren't. I cheered them up a little though. I was fun to talk to them and they have much easier living conditions than I have. We got to eat Chineese food too! Then on Saturday, we had some apartments set up, but then the people were gone so we went to one investigator's house and she was busy preparing for whycol...(when it rains and the mud and rocks come down the mountain and flood the houses and streets and fill the river with lots of water and mud and trees. I guess it's pretty serious) so she said she couldn't come to church but I told Elder Lascano we could go do some service because we had nothing else to do so we wnet and filled sand bags in our church clothes haha. The pile of sand was down about 12 feet or so and Angelica's nephew was carrying buckets of sad up a ladder and filling the sand bags. I carried a couple buckets up the ladder bu mostly just carried the buckets over the treacherous trash haha. We worked there for like an hour and a half and filled like 20 sandbags haha. It was a slow process. I'm slowly learning how much  of an immature little child Elder Lascano is haha. It takes so much patience! It was funny to me that he couldn't even shovel sand. That was a nice change though. Sunday was pretty normal, not much happened. We live on a hill and our penchtanista lives like a mile away so we usually walk down there 2 times a day to eat but lots f the times we don't have time so we get a taxi or we have the other elders bring our food up to us. It took Hermana Bety like 5 days to get my laundry done this week because of all the rain we've been having so I had to wear my shirts like 3 days in a row nad garments 2.. haha and I still haven't gotten my socks back...a week later so I've been wearing the dirty ones again. We have some crazy eating conditions too and our laundry is done in a bucket and laundry tub it;s so crazy. They come back clean, I don't know how but they do. I bought some new Spanish scriptures at the distribution this week was 97 soles!! We get 87 personal soles for snacks and soap and stuff per month. (30 Dollars)!! So far I've used like 10 soles, so I'm in good shape for a while. I used my debit for the scriptures. Things are much better! No need to worry haha. I'm sure that they well continue to get better with time as well.
I sleep fine in the field but when I was sitting all day long in the CCM, I couldn't sleep at all! It was terrible. I still want some candy and chocolate and maybe a good jump rope for morning exercise. I bet if you go to a sports store somewhere, you can find a good one. I prefer one with bearings on the handles and like a cable rope but whatever. One of the Hermanas in the CCM had a really nice one like that. Life her is crazy but good. Thanks for the support and the love! Hopefully I can send some pics, but the computers are slow so maybe not haha. Thanks! Love you all!

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