Monday, March 10, 2014

Spanish is nuts!! I can pretty much carry on a conversation which is really amazing for only being here 5 weeks!! The Lord really helps you when you try hard. The Gospel is truly amazing! It's pretty sad, there are 2 elders in my district who don't try and one doesn't have any desire to serve and is really prideful and everybody dislikes him and he knows like 10 words. No sad. Elder Sitton and I are zone leaders and it's lots of fun but kind of frustrating. We didn't get any instruction on how to do anything. Also I gave m first talk in Spanish on Sunday. It was really good. The Lord really helped me! Make sure you eat all your food because I'm seriously the only North American here that cleans their plate and when others don't it really annoys me. There are a ton of starving people here and every little bit counts. Keep up the good work.

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