Friday, May 30, 2014

This week was really good! We didn't have P-Day Monday, but we got to write so that was cool. Monday was a pretty blank day really. I don't know if it's just Peru or us but there was nobody around to visit on Monday. We had some lessons though which was good. Tuesday was pretty much the same. We had a lesson with Susana who has a baptism date set for this Saturday!! She is super prepared and is living all the commandments, she has been going to church, reading the scriptures and the pamphlets that we give her and is progressing really well! Wednesday wasn't too bad because more of our lessons or more of the people for the lessons were in their houses. We had a lesson with Andre who has a date for baptism set for this Saturday! On Thursday pretty much all of our lesson fell through but we had a lesson with Sandra who has been going to church as well and is progressing but slowly...Friday was the best day ever! We got to go to the Temple as a zone! The way it was going to work out was that there wouldn't be room in the session for 3 of us new guys in our zone but everybody got to go through!!!! That made me super happy because we only get to go to the temple every 3 months! President was in the Temple with us as well and we got to talk with him and ask him lots of questions! It was awesome! I went through the Temple with Elder Batty as well and got to talk to him! That was cool!! After the Temple we went to the Chapel in La Molina, which is huge and nice haha. We ate lasagna and them played sports until about 5. Then we left and came back to Pierola and ate dinner and our day was finished. It was so much fun! Saturday was good as well, other than pretty well all our lessons fell through. We did meet with 2 less active families and one came to church on Sunday. We also ate steak and french fries and ice cream with Julino! Sunday was really awesome as well! There was hardly anybody at church due to laziness and mother's day so that was a little sad since none of our investigators were there but after church we ate dinner with Ivonne, a member in our area. It was really good and a ton of food!!! Then we went to the Family Shikshi and skyped our families!! That was really really awesome as well!!!! I got cake and skype worked great!! It was so cool to talk to the family! It was awesome!!
My Spanish is improving as well!! I gave a talk in church yesterday as well! I believe that this is my last week here in Pierola... It's actually pretty sad because i really love it here and I love the people! The ward is pretty lazy and the bishop doesn't like to help the ward out much but other than this aspect, I'm going to really miss this area. We have 3 baptisms scheduled for this Saturday and I believe that they will go through! That's about it for this week!
This morning I studied a little bit about hope and learned quite a bit about this attribute! First I learned or realized my idea of hope wasn't completely accurate but i came up with a little definition of hope for myself. "Hope is a knowledge of something good and a desire to one day have that good thing in our lives." -Elder Jones  :)
I'm not sure if that definition is completely accurate or if it makes sense to anybody else but I like it, haha.

I studied in Ether chapter 12 this morning. This chapter is awesome and I think that all can benefit from this chapter! The chapter talks a lot about faith, hope and charity and by studying this chapter I learned how closely intertwined these attributes are.

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