Monday, May 5, 2014

This week was super great! I got a new companion, Elder De Paz!!!! He is super cool! He is 20 and way more serious and grown up than Elder Lascano! He was converted when he was 10 and he knows so much about the scriptures and the doctrine of the church and I envy this! The toughest part is that he knows so much but when he is explaing things to me and helping me learn more I don't get all the information because of course it's all in Spanish! Probably the best part about his change is that Elder De Paz is way way way more obedient than the other Elders that were in the apartment before! Now I have somebody to wake up with and I'm not tempted to sleep in! Elder De Paz is from Peru and has 16 months in the mission! Also in this change I got a gringo in my apartment!! His name si Elder Rasmussen from Sandy. He has 14 months in the mission and I am grateful for him as well to help explain things to me! He is way strict with the rules, letter of the law, which is good but it's a complete change from Elder Lascano and Elder Cuadra. (by the way I have a story to tell you about Elder Cuadra but due to time and I'll it to you later, it's intense!) This new change has been great! Let's see, Monday was our P day of course and it was a huge bummer in all truth. We wrote our families and then went back to the apartment so Elder Lascano could write his convert...a birthday card... then we went to chosica and printed some more pictures and then went to the post office to mail a letter for Elder Lascano. Then we waited for his convert's mom for like an hour... and then we went to a meat market in chosica! Haha try to imagine that!! And then we ate chicken and french fries at a resteraunt with them for like 3 hours. In total we spent like 4.5 hours with this family! It was ridiculous! Then we had a couple lessons that night. Tuesday was cambios (transfers) and so i went to La Molina with Elder Lascano and picked up Elder De Paz. We had some lessons to which were good! Wednesday we had some sweet lessons and committed Pamela to Baptism on the 19th!!! She is so ready! Her sister is a member and right now she is living with her sister! She may have cancer or some ailment so that prepares her even more! She understands total! Then Thursday we had some more lessons and committed 2 more people for baptism on the 10th of May!!! It was a mom and her daughter. Friday was good too and so was Saturday! Sunday was sweet too because this one kid that Elder Lascano and I stopped working with due to our laziness came to church so we went to his house and visited with him and his dad and set a baptism date for 26 of April! His dad was awesome. He was laying down the law about how he needs to read the pamphlets and the Book of Mormon instead of going out and playing and how he needs to make sure he goes to church every sunday because this is a big choice he is making!! The crazy thing is that his dad is catholic and doesn't want to change! Yep, that's my week! It's crazy the success you can have when you work hard and have the spirit and are obedient and have awesome companions!! This week I was studying in the scriptures and this morning I did a little studying for the family and came across a scripture in Mosiah 3:13. This scripture talks about prophets and how we need to follow them and how they are called for us!
Love Elder Jones

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