Monday, May 5, 2014

I like clean stuff and I'm kinda collecting a little bit of junk in my apartment. Mostly books but the problem is that I don't have places to put them haha. It will be cool to see the huge change when I come home!
Monday we went to a members house to get a soccer ball and we stayed there for like an hour and a half which was nice because afterwards we were going to play soccer. Then we played soccer and I really don't like soccer. Then Tuesday we had some lessons. Then Wednesday I had divisions with Elder Rasmussen. It was good but we only had 1 lesson because he is already really strict on the rule where there must be an adult make in the hose if we are going to have a lesson and in this part of the world that is practically impossible since every man works until 8 at night. It's a good rule if there are problems with an Elder or other person but it's kind of hard to follow. He interviewed Diego for his baptism as well. Thursday was normal other than we had service in Chosica as a zone. That was fun. We filled bags like grains sacks with sand and gravel and hauled them to the third story of a house for like 2 hours. It was hot! Then Friday was normal. Saturday was pretty awesome!! We studied personally and then went to another zone to do service. I got sun burnt and we had a baptism that night. Diego, who is 12 got baptized! I baptized him as well which was SUPER SUPER Cool!!! Baptism help make all the work worth it! Sunday was good as well. We had 7 non-members from our area at church. I can't really call 4 of them investigators just family of a member but maybe someday they well be investigators. We had lunch in the other missionaries area which was super far away. We are out of money for transportation too. Yesterday we only taught 2 families because nobody was home and I helped one Hermana with her English homework haha. People are always wanting help with English. It's everybody's goal to live in the U.S. one day. It's so sad because everybody wants to so bad but it's so hard to get visas and they don't know English. Most people spend a good couple years here after high school studying English. I am super glad and blessed that I know this language and I live where I live!! Also this Hermana works for a factory that makes the plastic covers for cakes and gets paid 35 soles for 8 hours. That's like 12 dollars!! Her brother works nights and gets 50 soles. That's rough!!!! It's like 2 hours at the fairgrounds.... Anyways other than that not a whole lot has happened. This morning I studied in Alma 7! Alma 7 is a really awesome chapter because I think in versus 23-25 it talks about patience and love and Christlike attributes and the blessings we can receive if we develop these attributes! Also if you want a good spiritual chapter, I really like Alma chapter 5. This chapter is so true!
Love Elder Brent Jones

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