Saturday, October 4, 2014

This week was good. On Monday we went to Huachipa, basically a dust bowl with lots of make shift houses, and played soccer! It was fun! I'm terrible at soccer but I enjoyed running and trying my best to play like the Latinos haha. I had a fun time talking to the other gringos in my zone too because I get tired of the just talking to my companion day after day! So that was sweet! Tuesday was a little rough and I can't remember what we did exactly but I know it was rough because the whole week was hard. We had a district meeting on Tuesday as well which was good. I always enjoy the lessons that Elder Netzley teaches! Wednesday and Thursday were long but Friday was by far the hardest day. I finally talked my companion into doing practices in our companionship study and so I did a practice because I want to be a better teacher and he just tore me to pieces... he made me feel so bad about myself and my teacher and my knowledge about the scriptures but he was being so hypocritical at the same time... Anyways Elder Netzley saw I was struggling and pick me up again! haha it was rough but thanks to Elder Netzley I felt a ton better. Latinos don't understand how hard the mission can be for us gringos trying to learn so much so quickly. My companion can be quite prideful but he is good and I'm learning lots from him. Also on Friday, Elder Netzley talked me into buying Pollo a la Braza and a pizza and a soda and french fries for us 4. We ordered it and had it delivered to our apartment! It was pretty sweet and super delicious! It was 43 soles which turns out to be about $16! They enjoyed it and so did I so that was fun! Saturday was long as well and Sunday was long as well until I finally understood that maybe it's not my companion that's driving me nuts, but maybe it's me. So I changed my attitude and started enjoying his company instead of dreading it! I feel a whole lot better now because of my choice to enjoy him! It's amazing what one little choice can do! Today we are going to cook hamburgers with Marcos again and play monopoly haha! It should be fun!
I've been reading in Doctrine and Covenants in my spare time and there is a ton of information that I am learning! My goal is to finish it here shortly! Also, I've been trying to memorize scriptures!
We have a baptism coming up this week! One of our investigators, Ysela, got married on Saturday so now she can get baptized!! That's sweet!

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