Tuesday, October 21, 2014

This week was a good week. On Monday we got our money out for the month after writing and then we ate at KFC!!! Wow that was crazy!! It was just like the US!!! It felt so weird! We went to Grau which is like a huge mall that is full full of stuff!! There is more stuff there than I have seen in my whole life!! Its super crazy! If you come to pick me up we need to go there just so you can see it! I bought 2 new ties that are sweet. They were 8 soles or like less than 3 bucks!! I bought a CD case and a camera case. I would have taken pictures but I know my camera would have gotten stolen or I would have gotten robbed!! Tuesday we had lessons like normal. And basically it was like that all week! We had a really awesome week! We didn´t have a slow day or a super busy day so we were really blessed. This week was pretty Tranquilo. Yesterday we had 8 investigators at the church!!! What a miracle!! We are seriously receiving so many blessings! We have 2 more with baptismal dates and they are progressing well. I just love this area and this ward so much! Elder Netzley and I have been leaving in the mornings to run and I love that too! It´s so awesome to live with him! I am also collecting the collection of soles here. Its like the 50 states quarter collection! I´m having a lot of the members help me find coins because it is pretty hard. There are 21 and right now I have 13! I feel I´m doing pretty good for only 2 weeks of collecting! 

That's about it for me! This week was awesome! Thanks for everything! I hope you enjoyed the letters! Love you!

Elder Jones 

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