Monday, November 10, 2014

Hey! Well this week was a good week for us! On Monday like I said, Elder Anderson went to immigrations. I went back to our area and we ate at the Pench. Marcos, a member, was my comp for a while and that was wierd. The rest of the week was pretty calm. We didn't have a ton of lessons but we had consistant days everyday. We had two people ready for baptism for this coming saturday but the one named Juan didn't come to church sunday. He is having problems and he is scared he wont be able to lie all the commandments. Its sad for me to see that he doesn't want to accept especially when we hae worked with him for like a month and a half now. He is really good! That was more stressful than anything this week. We hae some really good investigators but they are just having a hard time accepting baptism. We have lots of new requirements for baptism now and we have one young man that is really ready for baptism, named Luis. He is Juan's brother and is a stud. He is practically a member just  not baptised and is waiting for his brother... Oh well. All the prayers for them and our other investigators is more than welcome! We have been teaching english in the chappel on Saturday nights and we had a really good class on saturday with them! I felt like we helped them learn and understand lots. The Lord really directs us here! It's so crazy! I get humbled everyday haha but things go well for us! I am really blessed to be here with Elder Anderson! Man it's a blast! I hope he feels the same way but I don't know haha. I believe that this week on Wednesday Elder Netzley will be leaving... that is really sad for me... He is the best! haha  something funny, Elder Anderson forgot to click send on his family's email last week haha so he didn't even write them haha. Elder Netzley and I have been continuing to run in the morning so we can not get any fatter haha. I have gained like 10 pounds or more on the mission haha. Its a little sad. 

Well that's about it for me this week! Its exciting to hear about the temple dedication!Thanks for everything and all your support! The only things I ask is that you keep praying, reading your scriptures, and paying your tithing. You're all the best! Thanks! 
Love you all! 

Elder Jones

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