Monday, December 8, 2014

Well this week was fun. I am a little short on time this week because I have had some more people email. So I will make this a little shorter. Also I didn´t get your email either so... haha just kidding. This week was good. Challenging but good. We went to the zoo in lima on monday!! Wow it was awesome! My favorite part was when we were driving to the zoo we drove for like 10 minutes right by the OCEAN!! I finally got to see the ocean in peru! Ahh I loved that. Anyways we went to the zoo and my camera died... haha so I hung out with Elder Derr, from Hyrum haha and I used his camera a little to take some pictures. He is an awesome kid. He is new and enjoys being with me. The new elders now look up to me haha but I am still new! That was fun anyway! On tuesday we just had a regular day. On Wednesday we had a zone meeting. It was really good. We learned about the importance of time management. On thursday we didn´t have a whole lot of luck teaching either. On Friday though, I think we had the best day I have had here in Surco! We had 5 lessons! Thats a miricle! We got 2 new investigators! On Saturday and Sunday we got to watch conference! I loved every minute of it! I learned so much! I want to download the talks but I feel that my internet time is a little bit limited to do that.
Okay, from the conference I want you, as a family, to do one thing for this week. You MUST have your family home evening. I want you all to watch the talk from the Sunday Afternoon session of Richard G. Scott! There are some promised blessings in this talk that I want you to find and write down. I also want you to make a plan and review how you are all going to do better at completeing the 4 things he asked! Take notes of this talk and whatever more you have time to watch this week! The family needs to do better at sharing testimonies with each other as well. Have a little family testimony meeting one of these days! Yeah!? Ok I trust you with this! I am treating you like I treat all my investigators! You must do this if you want blessings! Will you do it? In the next visit we will check up on how you felt and what you learned... Ok! Sounds good! You´re the best! I promise that you will find answers to your questions if you do this and you will receive the blessings you need!
Well thats it for me! Thank you! Love you! Keep working hard!
Elder Jones

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