Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Learning About People and Their Trials

I think I'm going to have some time today to send you letters and pictures!It's kinda pricey. 20 soles or so and we only get 87 a month... This week in all honesty was difficult. Elder Lascano is still having problems with his leg so that is driving him and I a little crazy. We had our problems this week but got them worked out which was super good!! We also were blessed with Kentucky Fried Chicken again on Saturday night and french fries which was amazing! We had some good lessons as well but our investigators seem to be going down the drain haha. I'm not sure what we can do differently. We had José Rodreguez this week who had a baptism date for the 29th and he needed to either get married or separate from his girlfriend and he was going to separate but then they decided to get married which was the wrong decision because she is no good. He was an alcoholic too but didn't drink for 2 weeks then he caved and then caved again and didn't come to church. Then we had Angelica who had a baptism date for the 5th of April and was progressing really well but then for some reason she had a terrible experience at church yesterday and so I'm not sure whats going to happen there. Then we have Grabriel who needs to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon but he won't put forth the effort to read haha. We have more problems with all of them too. Then Jessica progressed this week and came to church. Missed sacrament but made if for the classes. At first it was bad but after she warmed up to the people and got her 2 kids settled into their classes it was better. She is amazing though and is in like Alma 25 or so. Other than that, this week was good. I believe that my Spanish is getting better but I can't tell haha! This morning was crazy too. We woke up and then the zone leaders called and said we needed to leave as soon as possible for Lima for the mission doctor for Elder Lascano. So we left without breakfast and made it just about to Lima and the zone leaders called and said the doctor wasn't there today so we got off the bus and came back to chosica just in time to write haha. It's hard to believe I've been on the mission for 10 weeks and in the field for one Month! The days drag on but the weeks fly haha. Thanks for the support! Love You!
Love Elder Jones

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