Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Whole Lot of Randomness!

This week was good but definitely could have been better haha!! The scriptures, the prophets, and all the church leaders, and even I preach this to those we teach that without trials and hard times we don't know good times. So far in the mission I've had a lot of good times but sometimes it feels like more trials than good times. It may just be that I don't recognize the good times but in total honesty the mission is super hard! This week was a good week though! Monday we ate and then pretty much just rested and I exercised a little bit because I was feeling sick from all the food that I eat and the lack of walking a manual labor haha. Then Tuesday we had a service with the other Elders in our ward! Oh man was that nice!! Elder Lascano does not like to do service so we never do any of it but this week we finally did some! We climbed up in the hills where the houses (or rather shacks or huts or forts) ended and worked on leveling a place for a house be put. We moved what felt like a lot of dirt and probably worked for like an hour and a half but we didn't really make a dent in the hill side. The rake I was using had a broken handle and was about 3 feet long. The shovels here are really heavy too and are about 2 feet long haha. I got a few blisters because my hands are those of women after nearly 3 months of no manual labor haha!! It was a blast. Wednesday nobody was home so we walked around a lot and hardly taught anybody. Thursday, Elder Lascano went to the doctor in Lima so I went with him and found out that one of his muscles was torn but was healing. He was releived that it was healing. Then Friday was the best day ever!!!! Elder Lascano and Elder Cuadra had to go to Immigrations so Elder Martinez and I were companions!! We are the quieter ones in the apartment and we are the more obedient ones too and we are the ones who want to work hard so on Friday we worked hard!!! It was a great day! We taught 5 lessons. 3 in his area and 2 in mine! We walked probably like 10 miles and on top of all of this we did the paperwork that we were behind on and planned for the week!! Elder Martinez and I woke up and went and did service before conference while the other Elders "Prepared for the day" haha it was so much fun again! Then we watched conference Saturday and Sunday!! It was really nice. Everything was in Spanish but I got the majority of the messages and didn't even fall asleep. (I have a problem with falling asleep when my mind gets bogged down with too much Spanish) haha oops... It was nice and the messages were good. This conference was directed towards the youth and addictions in the world. It is super necessary that they talked about that because I know that Satan has a huge hold on the youth and we are the future of the church. The temptations during high school and even middle school are unreal!!! My only advice to offer is that everybody prays daily!! Reads the scriptures daily!! Prays for help!! Listens to conference talks!! And Family Home Evening is super important as well. It's the little things that build testimonies and it's the testimonies that save us in times of struggle and temptation!!!

Anyways, some of my struggles this week that might be kind of funny to you:
1. I have bed bugs!! I have been super itchy this week because I have bites all over my body haha!! It's really not that terrible but it's annoying! I think it's my blanket but I don't know. I honestly don't even know if it's bed bugs but it's something. I sprinkled some sort of baking soda salt stuff that a member gave us in my bed because he said it is good for everything like soaking your feet and for bed bugs but that did no good. So last night I sprayed my bed with bug spray and myself as well. I think that helped haha. I believe that was a first for sleeping with bug spray on!
2. I may be getting a little bit fat.... I know I'm not as thin as I was when I left home but I don't think I'm that much fatter either. There is one family in our ward who likes to feed us and we never turn them down because the food is so good. We are not supposed to eat out of the pension but we do sometimes. Yesterday he fed us pizza and a whole bunch of other stuff! We got snickers too!! That was a first since the U.S.!
Yep, those are my funny physical struggles so far... haha
 So, while I was reading this morning, I came across this scripture in Helaman 3:26, 27, 35. It's pretty good. You should read it.
Transfers is tomorrow and I'm not sure what is going to happen but whatever happens will be good! I would like to change but maybe Heavenly Father thinks it is better this way haha. I don't think so and neither does E. Lascano!!
The food here is really really good, or maybe I've just changed my outlook, but I love it! We had liver and rice and split pea mush the other night, and man was that amazing!! I'm learning to love stuff like liver and the poor cuts of animals more! I don't know if it's the way it's cooked or just me but it's good! They use every part of the chicken in their food too, except the head! They use the feet, liver (chicken liver is not as good as other livers, but it's not bad). Yeah, it's really good! I love rice right now, but maybe after 2 years that will change! We eat bread and either ham (rather something like ham) cheese or jam for breakfast and it's so good! Love You!
Love Elder Brent Jones

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