Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This week was a long week in all honesty but it was good too! On Monday, we had Pday as a zone so we played soccer and watched ice age 3. We can watch Disney movies as a zone! That was cool. Then Tuesday we had a good district meeting. We had a baptism scheduled for the 19th but then the lady who we were going to baptize said she wasn't quite ready so we didn't have one. But she is really prepared and I think when she gets back from her parents home in a few weeks we will baptize her. She is awesome! On Wednesday we pretty much just walked around all day up the hills and down the hills. Thursday we had service at the pench for Hermana Cindy! That was cool I was kinda sick but nothing bad. Thursday night I was sick sick but recovered not too bad on Friday. We just walked around a lot too. Then Saturday we got a new investigator that is probably going to be baptized. Adre is 12 and his step dad is a member and he came to church on Sunday too. Sunday was a good day. We had 3 investigators at church. Susana is one of our inv. and she is awesome!! She is so ready for baptism and she will get baptized next month! Elder De Paz is a good too! We get along pretty good for now. He has his quirks but nothing bad at all. He is starting to figure out the area as well so that makes it a little easier on me. He uses a ton of different Spanish words that Elder Lascano never used and so sometimes I don't understand him haha but it's all cool. It's really nice having Elder Rasmussen in my apartment and as a district leader!! He is a cool guy! Not a whole lot else happened this week in Verdad. Oh yeah, it rained for a little bit this week one day!
I got bit by a dog yesterday!! Didn't rip my pants or anything! Just a little bruise that was pretty funny! That doesn't happen everyday!

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