Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Miracle With A Taxi and a Cell Phone, Plus the Rest of the Week

On Monday after writing, my companion was all depressed and didn't want to do anything so we went and ate and then I took a nap while he read and prayed and got his spirits back in order. Then we went to chosica and fixed my radio so that I can listen to music! That was nice. We took a taxi to chosica and when Elder Lascano reached into his pocket to pay, the cell phone fell out onto the seat and I looked down at it but didn't think anything of it. We got out and didn't even have time to shut the door and the taxi was gone and our cell phone as well. We prayed and I prayed we could have a miracle and for some reason I felt that we would and never lost the hope. Anyways, a new cell phone would cost 80 soles (40 a piece) so Elder Lascano decided he wanted some spiritually up lifting food. Pizza!!!!! We went to Godfathers Pizza and he bought a pizza for 30 soles!! And wouldn't let me pay so I got pizza!! We went and taught a lesson after that. Tuesday I can't remember what we did but I can tell you we did nothing. Elder Lascano has been so worried about his leg and he can't hardly walk much and he has been all depressed so I'm pretty sure Tuesday we taught like 1 lesson. Wednesday was the same way. Elder Lascano has lost all his ambition about the work and won't hardly get up in the morning and won't do anything during the day so Wednesday we had maybe 1 lesson as well... I don't know what to do so I'm just being obedient for myself and studying ad being super patient for him since he is depressed and unhappy and what not haha. On Wednesday though I saw the taxi that we lost our phone in and so I chased it down and said in rough Spanish that we lost our cell phone in your car on Monday. He looked at me like an idiot, shook his head and finger at me and zoomed off haha. For some reason I still had faith though. Thursday Elder Galindo (missionary from the CCM in my mission) went to a training with the President and all the other new missionaries. It was very good and uplifting!! I loved it! We went to distribution, the temple store. I bought a video of President Monson and a case for my Spanish scriptures, both Bible and Book of Mormon and some stickers. We then made our way to Burger King and ate there and came back to chosica! What a fun day and a nice break!! Then after Elder Galindo was safely at home with his companion, Elder Martinez and I made our way back from their area to our area and it just so happened that we got the same taxi that we lost our cell phone in!!! How does that happen!!! Then I told Elder Martinez that this was the taxi and the guy overheard me and said it was at his house and he would give it back tomorrow!!!!!!!!! How does that happen!! These people are so dishonest but Saturday morning we got it back!! What a miracle!! What a blessing!! Friday was pretty sad as well. Elder Lascano went to the Doctor on Friday and they just gave him pain pills so he was depressed and had absolutely no ambition and I think we taught like 1 lesson.... Saturday was bad too because we taught 1 lesson. I had an awesome fast Sunday though! and now we are back to Monday! Elder Lascano goes to the Doctor on wednesday and hopefully gets transferred out on Tuesday of next week. If this happens we will have some new fire in our area and will be able to be missionaries, not lazy bums haha. That was my week in a nutshell. Nothing too spiritual and hopefully the coming weeks are better for missionary work. I am happy and content in this area because the people are amazing but we need to go to work or else I will eventually go insane! Thanks for the help and support! Oh Yeah, and we might change penchtanistas(the lady who cooks for us and washes our clothes) Tuesday because ours is so far away! Love you! Keep me in your prayers! I'll do the same for you! Thanks for everything!!

Love Elder Jones

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