Monday, June 30, 2014

This week was good for me!! Monday was pretty sweet! We had P-Day and we tried climbing a hill in our area but it was super steep and the rock and everything was super looose and dangerous so we came down and went and explored the limits of our area. We explored the cemetary and went to where the houses end and there is litterally nothing for miles but rocks. That was cool. Tuesday was good and so was Wednesday! I can't remember exactly if it was Tuesday or Wednesday but one of these days we felt an earthquake!! It was kind of strong I guess...the strongest I'd ever felt!! It was awesome! Sadly no damage for the people to repent but it was cool! Actually what was cool about the earthquake was that we were knockingon a dorr, rather a piece of plywood wired to a 2x2 stick stuck in the ground, haha, and the family didn't want to have a lesson apparently because they weren't coming out and we could hear them inside the house but then Heavenly Father decided that they needed a lesson and sent us an earthquake and they came out, haha!!! I believe the earthquake lasted like 10 seconds because it was sufficient enough time for the whole family to come down their stairs and leave the house, haha. We had service this week and moved lots of dirt out of a "house" in 5 gallon buckets. I would have to guess that Elder De Paz and I each carried like 75 buckets of dirt out of this house and probably walked like a mile and a half carrying a 5 gallon bucket ull of dirt. It was a work out for sure! We were so tired. I'm not sure how much dirt it was but a good 4 bobcat bucket fulls! haha. Then Saturday and Sunday we had Stake Conference here in Chosica and we had 70 come. Elder Juaquin Costa and President Ardila also came and talked. It was good! I really enjoyed it. Today we are going to Matucana as a zone. It's about the limit of our zone and is about an hour and a half in bus! Apparently it's green and almost jungle and has waterfalls and stuff! I'm excited! And yep, tha's about if for this week!
I'm a little disappointed on the lack of spiritual experiences this week, haha, but no worries! Keep working hard and keep studying the scriptures. I love you all!!! :)

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